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The Seemingly Silly Unitasker I Can’t Live Without

o really get to the meat of why I love this item so much, it’s important that I first tell you about my love affair with avocados.

The Seemingly Silly Unitasker I Can’t Live Without

Written for The Kitchn:

It’s time I tell the world about the best $10 I’ve ever spent. This exceedingly simple $10 product is a total game-changer for me, and it has enhanced my daily life since the moment Amazon brought it to my apartment door.

To really get to the meat of why I love this item so much, it’s important that I first tell you about my love affair with avocados.

Why I Love Avocados
I love avocados. I love their taste (because I’m a human being), I love their shape, I love their meaty texture, and I love all of the good, healthy fat they bring to my body. To me, avocados are much more than a delicious snack. Avocados soothe a bad day. They make a bland salad exciting and inviting. They make an ordinary sandwich creamy and mouth-watering. And they take any egg dish to the next level. In short, avocados make everything better. They are damn near perfect — except for the fact that they are so messy to prepare.

The Problem with Avocados
Like most people, I want my avocado to come in smooth, bite-sized pieces. Or, in the case of a sandwich, I want moderately-sized slices that I can add evenly and deliciously. But getting to that point without destroying the avocado or getting green goo all over my fingers has been the bane of my avocado-obsessed existence.

Before you can even attempt to slice the meat, one must get the pit out, which is never without complications, either. I know what you’re thinking: Why don’t you just take a sharp knife and de-pit the sucker that way? I’ve tried that. Oh, how I’ve tried that. The sad truth of the matter is, whenever I’ve attempted to slam a sharp knife into the pit of an avocado to remove it, one of two things happens: I either get scared at the last second and fail to whack the blade in hard enough to grab the pit, or I miss and destroy the perfect surface of my avocado meat.

The Perfect (and Totally Necessary) Avocado Tool
If you’re anything like me, then you know the struggle of trying to get out those perfect pieces while maintaining clean hands and leaving zero mess is very real. And the depth of that struggle is exactly why I’m ready to marry my $10 avocado game-changer, the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer.

This little device doesn’t look like much at first glance, but it’s the answer to any and all of your avocado problems.

A google search for “avocado pitter” brings up all kinds of different options. And because my avocados mean so much to me, I dove in and did my research to find the very best one for my needs. I read reviews, I compared prices, and I studied the differences in the competition. What I found was that most products were either too complicated — featuring (and charging for) a wide range of functions that I’d never use — or they simply didn’t work.

I knew that what I wanted was simple: An effective avocado pitter and slicer that’s affordable and easy to use. And that’s exactly what I got with this perfect product.

It only took using it one time to know that I’d just been introduced to a love affair that’d last a lifetime. I took out an avocado, sliced it half with the point of the pitter, hovered the pitter over the pit itself, applied a teeny bit of pressure and, with a light twist, my pit was free! And, more importantly, the meat of the avocado remained intact.

But the power of the pitter did not end there. No, no. I didn’t just want to get rid of the pit; I also wanted a quick and easy way to make delicious slices for sandwiches, and this product delivers on that as well.

Once I removed the pit, I turned the device around and lightly pushed its green grate down onto the avocado meat and, voila! I had a series of perfect, sandwich-sized slices at the ready to make my meal more delectable and presentable. And I had clean hands!

I get it. I normally hate unitaskers, too. Who has the space or the money for a gadget that only has one use? And while many of you will (most likely) yell at me to use a chef’s knife and a spoon. I really don’t want to! For one, the mess and issues I described above are not worth dealing with. But also, this little tool can go in the dishwasher, which is great when you eat as many avocados as I do.

In short, if you’re avocado-incompetent like me and want to prepare an avocado in seconds with zero mess, then you need this little $10 treasure in your life.

What you do think? Thumbs up or down for the avocado pitter?

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