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25 Cozy IKEA Hacks That Are Absolutely Perfect for Winter

Winter means less time frolicking outside and more time spent cozying up indoors, so it’s the perfect opportunity to give your decor a little more DIY lovin’.

25 Cozy IKEA Hacks That Are Absolutely Perfect for Winter

Written for Brit + co:

Winter means less time frolicking outside and more time spent cozying up indoors, so it’s the perfect opportunity to give your decor a little more DIY lovin’. Easy peasy IKEA hacks can warm up your aesthetic and give all of your holiday festivities a little more sparkle, even on a budget. Old staples are revived with gilded accents, curtains are made merrier with geometric shapes, and drinks are all dressed up in their seasonal best. If the winter blues have you down, let these clever hacks bring you right back up.

1. DIY Dyed Faux Sheepskin Rug: The cold days of winter mean even colder days for your toes. Warm ’em up in style by getting down on this uber easy faux sheepskin dye project. (via Paper & Stitch)

2. DIY Cabinet Stencils: With just a few targeted geometric lines, these cabinets got a major facelift. Proving that a little can go a long way, the gold-dipped pegs perfectly punctuate the overall look. (via Paul Svera)

3. DIY Tripod Lamp: Why go the standard floor lamp route when you can spice it up with a little DIY action? This sturdy tripod lamp will bring life to an otherwise dull corner, all the while making your space that much brighter. (via Kristi Murphy)

4. DIY Gold-Dipped Candle Holders: Candles are great year-round accents, but winter is when these vibe-makers really shine. Dress yours up for the holidays by adding a touch of gilded glamour. (via Lark & Linen)

5. DIY Stikwood Headboard: Headboards are making a big splash this season, and fortunately for DIY enthusiasts, they’re easy to hack and make all your own. Plus, they have a special knack for rounding out a room with sophistication. (via Sugar and Cloth)

6. DIY Entry Table: Gilded pegs strike again! It’s kind of amazing just how much this small detail can improve the entire look of a piece of furniture. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. DIY Marble Bar Cart: Winter is nothing without its holiday festivities. This bar cart hack looks all sorts of lovely and is easy to achieve with just a little spray paint and some contact paper. (via Twinspiration)

8. DIY Modern Vanity: No space? No problem. This vanity hack proves luxury knows no size. (via A New Bloom)

9. DIY Pom-Pom Throw: There’s no better time to curl up with a cozy throw than during winter hibernation. And adding stylish pom-poms to the mix only makes things that much cozier. (via Passion Shake)

10. DIY Gold-Rimmed Glasses: This hack is as easy as it is gorgeous. Make any glass sparkle brighter with this golden touch. (via Freckle and Fair)

11. DIY Fabric Pouf: Poufs are ever-popular, but the expense can be hard to justify. If you’re like so many of us on a budget this season, forgo the high costs and make one yourself! (via Kristi Murphy)

12. DIY Gold-Dipped Vases: Noticing a theme yet? The holidays are all about shining festivities, so it’s not too surprising that so many classic accents are dressing themselves up in gold. (via Le Zoe Musings)

13. DIY Metallic Curtains: If you have a set of curtains that could use a little more love, look no further. Equal parts easy and game-changing, this is a simple hack you can accomplish in under an hour. (via Sister’s Suitcase)

14. DIY Space-Saver: Enough space is tough to come by these days. Fortunately, there are a ton of space-saving hacks you can take advantage of, like this genius makeshift shelf that will ensure everything in your space has its place. (via Ich Designer)

15. DIY Storage Boxes: Whether you use ’em for storage or gifts, these cute boxes will hold items in high style. All it takes is a little tape and paint to make it happen. (via J Petite)

16. DIY Crystal Knob: Crystals are pretty, sparkly, and full of good vibes, and you can really never have too many. Sneak one (or five) onto your favorite drawers for a sparkling touch this winter. (via Made by Monique)

17. DIY Air Planters: With cold, gray days ahead, you want to bring in as much green as you can. Even if you’re green-thumb challenged, these air planters are easy to make and the plants they hold are even easier to care for. (via Gathered Cheer)

18. IKEA Billy Fire Wood Storage: One of the only things you can really accessorize your fireplace with is a chic wood storage system, and this bookshelf that displays a day’s worth of firewood does the trick. (via That Nordic Feeling)

19. IKEA Ivar Painted Cupboards: Give your storage sitch a cozy upgrade with some paint and floral decals this winter. The spicy colors are exactly what you need when the weather outside is frightful. (via We Are Scout)

20. IKEA Gold Sheepskin Chair Makeover: With a fresh coat of spray paint and a sheepskin cover, your hard plastic chairs will take on a fuzzy life of their own. (via The Key Item)

21. IKEA Rug Pillow DIY: Why waste these impeccable stripes on anything underfoot, when you can sew them into pillows that will accentuate your cold-weather decor? The thick cotton material makes them super durable, and snuggle-worthy too. (via Martha Stewart)

22. IKEA Nornas Bar Cart Hack: Transform an old table with some castor wheels and paint to create a custom drink station this holiday season. (via Kicsihaz)

23. IKEA Sheepskin Stool DIY: A luxe and very glam footstool makeover is actually more budget-friendly than you’d think. The only problem here is that you won’t want to make just two. (via French For Pineapple)

24. IKEA Rast Dresser MCM Desk: These days it’s hard to find a big desk with storage that has a slim profile for tiny spaces. A do-it-yourself version lets you customize the paint color, hardware, and more. Is there anything these dressers can’t do? (via Good Housekeeping)

25. IKEA Tarva Nightstand Hack: A warm wood totally transforms these generic bedside tables in time for the cooler months. They’ll complement the other hygge vibes you’ve got going on *and* create a bedroom escape to ward off the winter blues. (via Hawthorne & Main)

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