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Transition Your Space Like a Boss

Quick tricks for an easy refresh!

Transition Your Space Like a Boss

Written for Joybird Furniture:

The change in seasons is an exciting time for interior design enthusiasts because it’s the perfect excuse to update and refresh our spaces for a new season. Cooler seasons tend to call for more cozy layers, softer textures, and inviting warm neutrals, while warmer seasons beg for bright colors, bold patterns, and light and breezy linens.

While giving your space a seasonal facelift is full of possibilities, figuring out how, exactly, to make it happen and where to begin can be a little overwhelming — especially if you haven’t budgeted for a major renovation.

But that’s where we come in!

To make your life easier, we put together our favorite quick and easy tricks to transition your space for a new season without spending a fortune or too much of your precious time making it happen.

Throw on new throws
A great place to begin a seasonal makeover is with your throw pillows and blankets. Despite their small size, these items make a major impact on your overall design, so switching ‘em up is a super simple way to make a change. Plus, they come in so many different styles, there are hundreds of options available for every budget and aesthetic.

Change your hardware
Your furniture's hardware is another small item that can make a big impact on your aesthetic. If you currently have brass hardware, try swapping it for copper; or, if you have brushed metals, try out something with more shine. Regardless of the type you choose, once you add them to your space it’ll instantly feel new again.

Switch your scents
Home scents tend to reflect the seasons. For instance, fall means a lot of pumpkin spice and cinnamon smells will be wafting through homes, while springtime invites floral notes to breeze through abodes. So, investing in a few new candles or essential oils to match the season’s vibe will go a long way in ensuring your home feels up-to-date.

Swap out old towels
Hand towels are practical, inexpensive, and prominent pieces of decor, so they’re a stellar option for making a seasonal change. Darker colors tend to work best during cooler months while warm months invite brighter hues, but there are no hard and fast rules for design, so be sure to prioritize whatever most fits your fancy.

Refresh your rugs
Rugs have a knack for setting the tone of an entire space, which means refreshing yours is a great way to infuse new life into your look. You can try soft and cozy textures for winter and swap them for bold patterns in the spring; or, opt to go rug-less during the summer and add one in earthy neutrals for the fall. No matter the direction you choose, your home will be happier for it.

Dabble in duvets
If you currently have a duvet cover in the bedroom, chances are it’s the centerpiece of your boudoir’s style. That means that updating it has the power to shift the look of your entire space. If you’re at a loss for where to start a bedroom makeover, try swapping in a new duvet cover and building out with matching colors and decor from there. Or if you're looking to make an even more striking statement, add a stylish headboard by upgrading to a Joybird bed.

Update your decor
Speaking of decor, small decor items like candles and vases are packed full of space-refreshing potential. Take advantage of fresh, springtime flowers by displaying your most vibrant vases, then when cooler months come around substitute your vases for candles for a look more conducive to the season. This tiny change can be enough to revive your whole aesthetic.

Ready to start refreshing? Browse our Style Stories for some interior inspiration!

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